Make-A-PBI & EasyPBI

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Make-A-PBI is a command-line application which tries to automate the task of creating a Push Button Installer module from a FreeBSD port. The application performs simple checks, such as making sure the port exists and can build properly. It creates the basic files required in a PBI module and tries to fill in as much information as possible.

EasyPBI is a graphical front-end to Make-A-PBI. It allows users to convert most FreeBSD ports into PBI modules with just a few mouse clicks.

At this stage EasyPBI and Make-A-PBI can handle most simple ports without any additional work from the user. Please see our download page for information on installing and using this program. Should you have questions or bug reports, please see our contact page.

Instructions on how to install and make use of Make-A-PBI can be found in the project's README file. If you are interesting in what is planned for future releases, please see our to-do list.