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November 1, 2011:
A new version of Make-A-PBI is now available. This version is more flexible with where port files are installed on the system. This means the port tree can be installed in locations other than /usr/ports and Make-A-PBI will still work.

We also have the debut of EasyPBI. The EasyPBI program is a graphical front-end to Make-A-PBI. It allows quick and easy creation of PBI modules with just a few mouse clicks. At the moment EasyPBI is available only in source code form from our Download page, but we hope to have it available to FreeBSD and PC-BSD users soon through those systems' package managers.

October 4, 2011:
A new version of Make-A-PBI is being released in order to handle some minor adjustments to the PBI 9 module format. This release, version 1.2, is a minor bug-fix release.

April 18, 2011:
A bug was found in Make-A-PBI which would sometimes the program to fail while making PBI-9 modules. This problem has been corrected in version 1.1, which is now available.

April 15, 2011:
Work has been done to speed up Make-A-PBI and deal with some common problems. To this end we've added two new command-line parameters. The first is "-b", which will allow the user to specify a path to a program icon in case none is found in the port. Often ports either do not have icons, or they have un-obvious names, the "-b" flag makes sure an icon is used.

The other new flag is "-s", which will cause Make-A-PBI to put together a PBI module without building/installing anything. All information is pulled from the port itself. This makes building a module much, much faster, and it also means the user does not have to be the root user to make a module. The down side is no build or dependency checks are done when "-s" is used.

Some other, minor improvements have been made to try to perform better guesses as to the names of the main executable and icon files.

The new version, 1.0, can be found on our download page.

January 22, 2011:
Version 0.9 is a minor update which adds a new command-line option. The -p flag can now be used to build modules from FreeBSD packages, rather than from source. This makes building a module quite a bit faster and less CPU-intensive, though it may introduce other problems or skip over configuration issues.

November 30, 2010:
This update (v0.8) includes initial support for PBI version 9 modules, which will be featured in the upcoming PC-BSD 9. With this new release, the user must specifiy on the command line whether they wish to build a version 8 PBI module or a version 9 PBI module (or both). For example, each of the following is considered correct:

pbimaker -8 /usr/ports/games/liquidwar

pbimaker -9 /usr/ports/games/liquidwar

pbimaker -8 -9 /usr/ports/games/liquidwar

Further information can be found in the README file.

October 6, 2010:
A minor update to Make-A-PBI has been released. This version, 0.7, includes a command-line option letting the program know the port it is working on is a console application. Normally, the target port is assumed to have a graphical user interface. The documentation has been updated to include an explaination of each command line parameter and some minor bugs have been fixed.